Our Values

We believe that maintaining socially responsible practices and programmes is essential and entirely compatible with providing the highest possible quality service to our clients.

Being socially responsible also brings benefits to our employees, the community and the environment in which we work.

Our Environment

We have set targets to steadily decrease the use of paper in an endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint. We have a firmly enforced policy of using public transport wherever possible to eliminate car travel. All of our redundant print cartridges and IT equipment are recycled. We ask the hotels we work with to detail their environmental policy when managing an event.

Our Community

In the widest sense, we seek to take a responsible and valuable role in the communities in which we operate. We join in schemes to enhance the local environment and support charities on a worldwide basis. We also encourage our employees to become involved in fundraising events and support them with sizeable donations.

Our People

Matching the skills and experiences of each of our team to the operational needs of our clients is the key to our working culture.

To achieve all this we have developed policies that embrace: home working, flexible hours, specific appraisal and training programmes for each staff member, along with a minimum of ten travel trips each year to broaden experience in our field.

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