Heather looks for Inspector Montalbano in Sicily!

Heather was invited by the Sicilia Convention Bureau to discover this beautiful destination which is ideal for that special incentive.


Sicily lies at the heart of the Mediterranean and has always been the crossroads where different peoples and cultures have met. This is also why Sicily is a special place, full of contrasting emotions and incredible beauty. Everything you think to know about this island, impregnated with art and history, its colours, fragrances and distinct flavours, is far too little; Sicily is, in some aspects, still an uncontaminated corner of the Mediterranean to slowly discover. 
Like those places with an ancestral energy which enshrouds them, Sicily captures the mind and the senses, leaving a profound mark on all its visitors.
Events in Sicily generate positive energy, communicate passion, involve you like no other place; participants are enthralled by the vitality and sensual beauty of this land – never to be forgotten.”


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